Portable Battery Powered PET PP Plastic Strapping Tool

Product Introduction
The Electric PET/PP Straps Strapping Tool (including battery) is only 3.9kg, good sense of balance, can be operated with one hand. Body robust, battery with safety protection device. For PP and PET straps, no need to adjust. Touch-control panel, ease of operation, complete functions. Vulnerable parts is very easy to replace, maintenance convenience. Ergonomic handle, operate labor-saving convenience.

Product name:
Portable Battery Powered PET PP Plastic Strapping Tool
Model: DD-160                                  
Fit strap type: PP&PET packing straps
Connection method: Friction hot welding
Operation method: Press-button
Fit strap width (Adjustable): 12-13/15-16mm (Please indicate you need the width)
Fit strap thickness: PP strap: 0.6-1.0mm / PET strap: 0.5-1.0mm
Pulling force: 400-2200N
Machine size: 375×130×140mm
Spec.of rechargeable battery: 12V, 2.4A
Spec.of battery charger: 110-220VAC 50-60Hz
Note: 2 batteries & 1 batter charger included
Charging while: Battery charging 60min, 100-200pcs
Charging capacity of single battery: 2000 times friction welding machine, welding tool, manual steel strapping tool, heavy duty steel strapping tool, steel pipe strapping tool, steel coil strapping tool, galvanized steel coil strapping tool, steel strapping packing tool, manual combination steel strapping tool, DD160 battery strapping tool, Z323 battery strapping tool, Z322 battery strapping tool, ORT200 Strapping tool,A480 strapping tool, FROMM strapping machine