Pneumatic Combination Steel Band Strapping Tool

Product Introduction
KZ-32A Combination Strapping Machine is a new and advanced pneumatic packing machine and mainly uses for strapping and packing of various specifications tubing, Plate material, section and all kinds of ingot products. It possesses the features of small volume, lightweight, compact structure, high efficiency, strong suitability, convenient use, safety and reliability. Only one operator can finish all the actions of tension, lock cutoff of strapping steel tape.

Product Features
The most sturdy pusher type strapping tool of its kind for continuous and shift operations demanding a high working reliability.
High performance machine with an outstanding record of performance in the steel and non-ferrous industries.
The perfect double notch up cut seal joint is accomplished in one operation.

Product name: Pneumatic Combination Steel Band Strapping Tool
Model: KZ-32A
Applicable straps: Iron strap/Steel strap
Air pressure: 0.42-0.6Mpa
Seal tensile strength: >18.4KN
Tensioning strength: >9.8KN/0.6Mpa
Strap tensioning speed: 4.5m/min
Strap width: 32mm
Strap thickness: 0.8-1.2mm
Lock type: Double row lock
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