The function of strapping tool is to make plastic strap can be played close to the surface of the bag, ensuring packages in the transport, storage where pack is not strong and not due to scattered, while also packing tidy. If you want to better use and maintenance balers, we must understand the structure of it, and his analysis of the principle.
Here with our engineers to take a look at how it works baler.
Also known strapping it works: Use strapping wrapped product or packaging, and then tighten the ends melted by thermal effects or use covered buttons and other materials handling machine.
1. Strap tensioner: a plastic grip chuck up the lead, to send back with the pulley reversal, refund the excess plastic tape cassette storage and tighten tied things. Subsequently, the mechanical hand grip plastic tape that will further tighten the package to the tune tightness.
2. Cut strap and welding: two layers of plastic tape guide plate from the middle out, while perm head sync insertion zone between the two layers, followed by two clamping chuck up the other end of the lead plastic tape, tape cutter cut off, and the lead into contact with hot head, heat melt ( surface ), then scald head quickly exit, the cutter will continue to rise in the melted surface pressure in the pressure with two layers of plastic board and cooling and solidification, two with a bonding machine does not hot head, start rubbing complete bonding.
3. Straps off the package: good plastic strapping bearing plate with a circle out of each chuck reset, complete package.
4. Conveyor straps: Forward to send the plastic belt pulley from the storage cassette into orbit, ready for the next pack.
5. Uninstall: The above is a single-channel process of packing, moving even when the machine is in state, the conveyor belt directly into retirement after completion of belt tensioning procedure, according to the program loop continuously.
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